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As a certified social enterprise, The Karma Collective donate 50% of all profits to help animal charities in Australia and around the world. So far they have donated over $60,000 to support the rescue and rehabilitation of animals, and their habitat, around the world. Their big goal is to contribute $100,000 by 2030.

Advisory Services – Improving accessibility for all


Why improve accessibility?

2023 is the Year of Accessible Tourism in Queensland, an important time for all tourism operators to improve accessibility and inclusion for all levels of ability. Nature Freedom create co-design experiences to support organisations in tourism, hospitality and other industries to improve their accessibility for across Queensland.

Our Products and Services:

  • Advice for infrastructure support
  • Co-design sessions to provide advice and feedback on strategies and frameworks
  • Site visits to scope out opportunities
  • Marketing and communications support



Our Content – The Experiences:

It can be challenging for tour operators and hospitality providers to support customers with disabilities due to a lack of confidence. This can lead customers not feeling included, or enjoying their experience.

Nature Freedom provide social opportunities to support people with disabilities so they can enjoy recreational, nature-based activities. We are a lived experience organisation, and we ensure co-design is a focus in all engagements so that all customers feel included!

What Works Best?

In giving your visitors the best experience, we find that the most useful and successful experiences come in the format of:

  • senses
  • guides to different forms of communication
  • budgeting to prioritise accessibility
  • customer journey mapping
  • visuals – co-design your space and experience

Our Packages

Our Different package options are flexible in time, location and length of engagements.

75% of profits will support Nature Freedom’s recruitment of people with disabilities and subsidise the costs of Local Experiences programs for non-NDIS participants.

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