Nature Freedom’s Vision

Nature Freedom aims to improve accessibility and inclusion in environmental and outdoor recreational activities by seeding employment opportunities, connections with nature and a passion back for the environment.


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β€œNature Freedom inspires me to get out into my community, socialise with others and join in activities I have never done before. Making new friends Β and learning from others in activities! It is important to socialise, have friendships, and to enjoy life. Nature Freedom brings me all of those things!”
- Brendon Donohue

β€œNature Freedom inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and engage in outdoor recreational activities including canoeing and bushwalking in a safe, inclusive and social environment. Nature Freedom plays an important role in connecting young people with disabilities to nature and the outdoor environment which has both physical and mental health benefits to the person. Nature freedom also plays an important role in breaking down accessibility barriers in nature that ultimately benefits everyone.”
- Belinda Harris

“It’s awesome that you guys offer experiences that make our natural world accessible for everyone.”
- Angela Bowen

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