Impacts and Reports

Thank you for your support

Nature Freedom’s role in providing inclusive and accessible experiences and activities for people with disabilities in nature is arguably more important than ever and I have great confidence in our business’ future, which is now well positioned for 2023.

In the 2021-2022 financial year, we set up our business for growth. Our diversification strategies delivered record sales growth across our Inclusive Paddling and emerging school holidays programs. This will provide stronger growth in 2023 where we can expand into new program and booking options.

Importantly, we have continued to serve our purpose in providing inclusive experiences for our communities, especially for people with disabilities. Providing these experiences is key, and we continue to drive innovation across our activities.

Earlier this year, we added a third contract to deliver school holiday programs through Councils in the SEQ region. We also expanded into vocational school programs to establish community gardens for students who are neurodiverse or have sensory disabilities. These developments will allow more people to discover inclusive activities in their communities.

Since its humble beginnings in 2017, Nature Freedom has grown immensely. Here you will find our metrics and annual reports, which document our impact, growth and performance in 2023 and previous years.


Social Impact

    • Participants Supported: 40 (Based off
    • NDIS Participants: 32 (Same)
    • Volunteers: 12 (Across the Events & Marketing teams + Manly Markets volunteers)
    • Volunteer Hours: 185 (12 volunteers x no of engagements)
    • Partner Organisations: 4 (All About Paddling, One Tree, Bayisland Watersports, Fun Farm)
    • Media Engagements: 2 (4zzz Radio)
    • Events Attended: 2 (Logan Chamber of Commerce Breakfast, AITCAP 2023)
    • Paid Employees with a Disability: 2 (includes Mathew)

Growth and Performance (Includes Future Events)

    • Inclusive Paddling Events: 12
    • Inclusive Bushwalking Events: 11
    • Inclusive Green Thumbs & Crafts Events: 5
    • Inclusive Cultural Tours: 2
    • School Holiday Activities: 15
    • Community Garden Projects: 6
    • Sponsors: 3 (Karma Collective, Social Impax, Social Deck)
    • Clients: 1 (Karma Collective)
    • Donors: 2
    • Profits redistributed: $16,000

Founder and CEO’s Report