Inclusive Green Thumbs

Experience nature – be a green thumb

Get your hands dirty and experience nature with all your senses through our Green Thumbs activities. These activities are designed to be accessible to all levels of ability and can be tailored to your specific needs.


    Where it’s based

    Nature Freedom’s Inclusive Green Thumbs activities are currently based at the Northey Street City Farm community garden in inner Brisbane, a place for individuals, school groups and community groups to learn about permaculture and organic gardening principles.

    The garden features a vast array of plants, trees, flowers and herbs, along with chicken coops, beehouses, composting facilities and a kitchen area.

    Learn about nature through community gardening

    Our inclusive green thumbs activities allow you to experience nature in a whole new way, with all your senses.

    These events feature:

    • Discover an array of local and imported plants, including Bunya, Bush Ginger, Native Raspberries and other Bushfoods
    • Taste test herbs and fruits, such as basil, finger limes and mulberries
    • Learn about (and experience!) the composting process, and how it works
    • Feed the chickens with locally grown produce
    • Sample native teas, such as lemon myrtle
    • Learn about the bees at the local beehouses
    • Buy plants from the local nursery, or take home one from the free box
    A woman in a wide-brimmed hat leads four others, including a man with a white can and a woman in a wheelchair, down a paved path in between long grass, and a garden bed with a tree.
    Two women in hats feed chickens inside a coop, through a chain link fence.

    What to bring/wear:

    • Hat
    • Closed-in shoes
    • Clothes which you don’t mind getting dirty
    • Sunscreen
    • Insect repellent
    • Extra money if you wish to buy plants


    Accessibility Information:

    Northey Street City Farm can be accessed via Edgar Street. The area is accessible for wheelchairs and includes a car park.

    The garden proper features paved, grassy and dirt areas. There is also a large undercover area including a full kitchen, with toilets nearby. Our friendly guide will select areas and pathways that are best suited to your mobility needs and will also take wet weather into account.