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How to learn the changes of single-use plastic ban in Qld?

Information sessions for families, people with disability and mental health who use disposable single-use packaging to learn how to comply with the Qld plastic ban

About this event

From September 1st 2021, certain single-use plastic items will be banned in Qld, including plastic straws, stirrers, cutlery, plates, bowls and expanded polystyrene cups and containers.

It is understandable that making a commitment is challenging due to families facing stress from social, financial, and mental health challenges they experience during their lives.

These barriers are commonly impacting the way they live their lives. due to pressure from prolonged unemployment, being discriminated against impacting their mental wellbeing and being socially isolated.

This program enables Nature Freedom to deliver practical workshops to improve their environmental sustainability at home. We support families, individuals living with a disability and mental health who have faced barriers to reducing their ecological footprint.

The workshops are co-designed to understand the issues and impacts between the environment and social aspects.

To help you prepare we are conducting a workshop series providing support across the Greater Brisbane Region to answer your questions on:

  • What items are included in the ban?
  • What environmental impacts are faced from single-use plastics?
  • What are the alternative products or ways to be used?

The session consists of a 45 minutes presentation followed by a Q&A session. 

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About the presenter

Mathew Townsend – founder of the organisation possesses a Master of Environmental Management degree at University of Queensland. He has disabilities, and lived experiences with anxiety and depression. He values and is passionate about inclusive society for everybody from all walks of life. He has public speaking and facilitation skills and experiences since 2014. Has worked at the Brisbane City Council’s environmental branch and Queensland government’s Disability Connect Qld.


The session is now on Zoom!

Since COVID has caused impacts on in-person forums this month we decided to move to Zoom. 

Thursday 26th July from 9 am to 11 am.

To register for the session via our Zoom page