Brendon Donohue – A Fighter in Nature 


Meet Brendon Donohue, a 29-year-old young man who loves nature and has a great sense of humour. He is also blind and a passionate advocate for disability rights. Brendon regularly participates in our Nature Freedom activities. Brendon spoke with us about his experience with Nature Freedom.

Brendon Donohue

Q1. Tell us a little about yourself?


I am 29 years old and live in South Brisbane. I am currently studying a degree in International Relations and Politics at university which I just started in 2022 and am in my second trimester at the moment. I am also a part of a number of organisations including the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) in their local Griffith community group.

Also, I participate in The Australian Youth Climate Coalition – Australia (AYCC) activities and event functions. I sit on the board of Queensland Advocacy for Inclusion and have held that position since 2019. I follow the political debate about the current issues.

In doing so, I really enjoy nature and my hobbies include – Nature, IT, accessibility and trying to help anyone where I can and do a bit of advocacy on the side. I try to keep myself busy and my mind active.


Q2. How did you first get involved with Nature Freedom?


I got involved in Nature Freedom from their first paddling event in 2018. I knew Mathew Townsend, the founder of Nature Freedom, and saw the paddling and other water-based activities on their website and I wanted to experience those again because I had not been on the water for a very long time, and I wanted to really get back into that.

I connected, and I was then able to independently get to Nature Freedom’s events.

Q3. Can you tell us what Nature Freedom activities you have participated in?


Mainly in the paddling events where we go kayaking. I enjoy anything to do with water. I have also participated in a number of bushwalking events with Nature Freedom. I have also done a couple of fundraising events including a BBQ that we did to fundraise more money for Nature Freedom. So quite a lot of activities, not every activity, but a fair number of the activities to date.



“I think you will be surprised at what you get out of it as they [Nature Freedom] have always been very useful to me.”

– Brendon Donohue


Q4. What is your favourite Nature Freedom activity and why?


My favourite would have to be the kayaking, I really like kayaking, I love the water, I love going in the creeks and other waterholes that are available for us to enjoy our freedom in nature. I really enjoy participating in those activities.


Q5. Can you tell us how Nature Freedom enables you to access nature and outdoor recreational activities?


Just enjoying being with other people who are really committed to nature. I think Nature Freedom enables a sense of social participation and helps and understands people with and without disabilities. The COVID-19 Health Pandemic has disconnected us all from nature through the countless lockdowns and not being able to go anywhere. I hope that we have moved on from those measures now and we can really enjoy the Nature events coming up in the future.


Q6. What is your best advice for someone who is thinking about participating in Nature Freedom’s activities?


If you are wanting to get involved in nature events, you just need to give it a go! I think the first step is choosing a Nature Freedom event that most interests you and just give it a red-hot go. I think you will be surprised at what you get out of it as they have always been very useful to me.


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