Radio Interview with 4ZZZ Eco Radio


Recently, our founder Mathew Townsend had the honoured to be featured @ 4ZZZ Eco Radio channel sharing about Nature Freedom’s passion in making accessible outdoor recreation. We are glad to have this chance to raise awareness to a broad audience on how to make outdoor activities more inclusive and welcoming for disabilities.

Massive shout out to the 4ZZZ Radio, a lovely non-for-profit community broadcaster and the longest running FM radio station in Queensland since 1975, for supporting Nature Freedom’s vision in creating and improving outdoor recreation spaces for people from all walks of life.

Keep up to date with 4ZZZ, and tune into 4ZZZ Eco Radio at 12 noon every Wednesday on 102.1FM.

Listen to the full radio interview below and find out more about Nature Freedom:

Mathew Townsend at 4ZZZ Eco Radio

by 4ZZZ Eco Radio

2022 Feb inclusive paddling shorncliffe


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