Located in the heart of Queensland, Brisbane is not just a lively city for local residents but also a hotspot for inclusive adventures.

This guide is designed to help you discover the accessible activities Brisbane offers, and will ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, is able to enjoy vacationing in this stunning city to the fullest. From beautiful bushwalk trails to thriving city-centric experiences, our guide will take you through the best that Brisbane has to offer, ensuring your trip is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

So, let’s discover Brisbane’s accessible activities together!

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Preparing for Your Trip

When planning your trip to Brisbane, it’s important to consider the accessibility of your destinations and activities. This involves ensuring that the accommodations, attractions, and activities you intend to visit are suitable for your needs, especially if you or someone you’re travelling with requires wheelchair access or other specific accommodations. Take the time to explore and identify places that offer necessary facilities and support, such as accessible bathrooms, pathways, and entryways.

Familiarising yourself with the layout and accessibility features of your destinations ahead of time can make your trip significantly easier and more enjoyable. A well-planned itinerary that takes into account your accessibility needs will ensure your Brisbane experience is both comfortable and memorable. Travel agents are especially handy when planning an itinerary, as they can handle the booking and organisation of your schedule for you, so you’re well-prepared for your trip in advance.

Group of people out on an accessible bush walk including some people in wheelchairs

Accessible Transportation Options

Travel Insurance and Health Considerations

  • Before you arrive in Brisbane, choose a travel insurance provider that caters to your specific needs, including coverage for mobility aids and medical conditions as needed.
  • Bring any necessary medications and a copy of your prescriptions.
  • Have a plan for medical emergencies, including knowledge of medical facilities near any locations you visit.


Accessible Accommodations

Finding the right accommodation is key to a comfortable stay in Brisbane. The city offers a variety of hotels with features that can accommodate guests of all accessibility needs — it’s just a matter of finding one perfectly suited to you.

What to look for in an Accessible Hotel Room

  • Wide doorways and plenty of space to accommodate wheelchairs, if needed.
  • Accessible bathrooms with grab rails and roll-in showers.
  • Lowered sinks and storage areas.
  • Emergency alert systems in rooms.

Booking Tips

Before booking, remember to keep these two things in mind:

  • Call ahead to confirm the specific accessibility features you require, and make sure the hotel you intend to stay at is equipped to provide these services.
  • Consider the hotel’s proximity to accessible attractions and transportation options, including a car park that can safely accommodate accessible vehicles if you require specialised transport.
People out on an accessible paddle in a yellow and blue canoe next to mangroves

Nature and Outdoor Activities

Brisbane is a hotspot for nature lovers, and offers a wide range of accessible outdoor activities — many of which include accessible amenities, including wheelchair-accessible pathways and toilet stalls. Whether you’re interested in a gentle stroll or are looking for something more adventurous, Brisbane has something to offer you — and at Nature Freedom, we can guide you through these exciting activities.

Possible outdoor activities you can take on include:

Inclusive Bushwalking (all ages)

Inclusive Paddling (all ages)

Cultural Tours and Community Gardens (all ages)

Various Holiday Activities (ages 10 – 17)


Dining and Culinary Experiences

Brisbane offers many dining options that are not only delicious, but also accessible to everyone. From the Mediterranean menu at Vici Italian in South Bank to the rustic South Asian flavours at Stone & Copper in Fortitude Valley, the city offers a wide variety of flavours — so there’s something for everyone.

Places like Medley Kangaroo Point and Method to the Madness in Kenmore are particularly known for their accessibility, offering spacious dining areas and easy entry. This ensures a comfortable experience for wheelchair users.

If you’re looking for a more casual setting, Preece’s at the Jetty in Redcliffe offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere with scenic waterfront views, which makes it an ideal spot for a relaxing meal​​.

Lastly, Café Anthology stands out for its straightforward access. With doors open upon entry and wide doorways and walkways, navigating through the café is hassle-free. However, it’s important to note that there are no accessible toilets at this location​​.

Sunny day at a beach with a blue wheelchair ramp in use down to the water with multiple people assisting

Tourism and Accessibility

Brisbane’s youthful spirit is matched by its commitment to accessibility, ensuring that visitors — no matter your age — can enjoy a range of fun and safe activities.

Some of these accessible locations include:


For those who love heights, the Channel Seven Wheel of Brisbane provides an accessible way to enjoy breathtaking views over South Bank and the Brisbane River. The Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) is another gem that offers accessible performances, including audio-described and Auslan-interpreted shows. This makes it a great destination for enjoying cultural experiences​​. The Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) are also wonderful places for those with auditory impairments, as they don’t require listening to audio to fully enjoy your experience.

Inclusive Spaces

Brisbane’s Fortitude Music Hall in Fortitude Valley is a great place to enjoy live music and comedic performances, and it caters to all who require wheelchair accessibility. The Museum of Brisbane, located within the iconic Brisbane City Hall, not only delves into the city’s history but also celebrates its current creative inhabitants and ensures a wheelchair-friendly space for all visitors​​.

Dining and Socialising

Howard Smith Wharves and Rivermakers provide accessible dining and socialising experiences. These venues are accessible by elevators and offer a variety of options, from beer tasting at Revel Brewing Co. to spirit making at the Bavay Distillery.


Emergency Information and Support Services

When exploring Brisbane, it’s important to be aware of the available emergency information and support services, especially for those with specific accessibility needs.

Emergency Contact Information

Always have essential emergency contact numbers handy. This includes local emergency services, nearby hospitals, and other relevant contacts that can provide immediate assistance if needed.

Medical Facilities and Accessible Pharmacies

Knowing the location of nearby medical facilities and pharmacies that accommodate accessibility needs is crucial. Not only can it help in emergencies, but it may also prove useful as a “just-in-case” precaution. For example, if you are a wheelchair user and your wheelchair malfunctions on your trip, you may be able to enquire at a nearby medical facility about whether they would permit a wheelchair hire for the remainder of your stay. This information can often be found online or through local tourist information centres, so you can ensure peace of mind during your travels.


Discover Inclusive Brisbane with Nature Freedom

Taking a look through Brisbane’s accessible offerings has shown us that this city truly has something for everyone. From relaxing group bushwalks to the thrilling experiences of whale watching, Brisbane proves that inclusivity and adventure can go hand in hand.

We hope that this guide can help ensure your next trip is not simply an accessible one, but a truly extraordinary holiday experience you’ll love!